Friday, May 8, 2009

Fear, truth and conjecture...

There appears to be a growing segment of our population which is consumed with fear for our country's future. Emails are forwarded, dishonestly edited FOX News clips are shared on social networking sites, opinion pieces from biased sources parade as real news... and people are eating it up.

What surprises me is that it seems to be Christians who are caught up in this the most. Aren't we supposed to be the ones concerned with truth? Didn't Christ tell us we are not to have a spirit of fear?

I'm all for sharing honest pieces of unemotional news and allowing people to draw their own conclusions. Lots of ridiculous stuff goes on in our government and thinking people have a right and an obligation to speak out against it. However, there are a number of so-called *news* sources out there with an agenda of promoting fear and indignation because that's what sells.

I have to admit that when I first began reading certain internet sites several years ago, I naively assumed these sites were simply digging up *secret* information or stuff the *mainstream media* didn't want us to know. I can't count the number of sensationalized stories I read about some piece of legislation or some current government antic that was going to take away all our rights, make us government slaves, turn us into communists or any number of other dire predictions. I can't deny that I was often concerned about what I read. But you know what? Looking back on all those stories, I cannot think of a single doomsday scenario that actually played out. Hmm...

I do read most of the stuff sent to me or posted by friends on blogs or social networking sites but then I go read the proposed bill or law itself. I do a Google search and read what other news sources are saying. When listening to news in the car I switch between CNN, MSNBC, FOX and the BBC. Oh, and my newest favorite, NPR. When commentators come on and they start arguing with one another I switch channels. I try to make sure I'm looking at issues from all sides and then I form my opinion, always staying open to new input and willing to alter my views if more convincing evidence leads me to do so.

Most of all, I refuse to buy into the marketing of fear. As a Christian, I know in Whom my faith belongs and that isn't the United States government.


Lisa Sharp said...

Justin and I love NPR as well. We have three of them programed in to our radio I believe lol. Our bathroom radio is also always on NPR.

The only news I really watch on TV is The Daily Show, Colbert, and Anderson Cooper 360.

Joy said...
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Joy said...

"Most of all, I refuse to buy into the marketing of fear. As a Christian, I know in Whom my faith belongs and that isn't the United States government."

Love it, great post. I personally don't watch much news. It keeps me in better spirits.

Anonymous said...

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