Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Politics vs. Religion...

We recently had an interesting discussion regarding torture on an unschooling list I have belonged to for over 10 years. No, we weren't discussing child discipline. ;) One of the list members is taking a philosophy course and an assignment involved a question regarding whether it might be okay to torture someone if it meant saving an American city from a nuclear bomb.

You've no doubt heard about the poll which showed that white, Evangelical Protestants are more likely to approve of the use of torture against suspected terrorists than those from other faith traditions. I found that disturbing although not terribly surprising. When you dig a little deeper you will discover that it is one's political leaning, even more than adherence to a particular brand of Christianity, which influences one's belief on this issue (and most likely on many others, as well).

What this says to me is that some are allowing political persuasion to influence and perhaps override morality and faith. Despite what some appear to believe, GOP does not stand for "God's Own Party". And I say that as a registered Republican. I think it's time for all Christians to take a step back from the political fray and really ponder what our faith requires of us. Perhaps another look at the words of Christ might be in order.

Here are some interesting articles on the subject of torture:

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Lisa Sharp said...

Great post mom!

Sometimes I think I have a different bible than other people. I thought Jesus taught us to love one another.