Thursday, June 25, 2009

Black Gold, not Texas Tea...

San Francisco's new recycling law could bring their already impressive 72% recycling rate up to 90%. That is truly amazing and should provide a model for other cities across the country.

San Francisco already turns over 400 tons of compostable materials into rich, high quality compost per day. Imagine how much of this highly desirable "black gold" will become available for area farms and vineyards as the new law takes effect.

Diverting waste from landfills not only protects the environment but ultimately saves money. Building new landfills is an extraordinarily expensive prospect and guess who pays for them? Yep, the taxpayers.

There are the nay-sayers, of course, but I applaud San Francisco for their intelligent and progressive environmental policies, particularly in regards to recycling. I would be delighted if our little town in Oklahoma would do likewise. Heck, I'd be happy if they'd start recycling glass.


Lisa Sharp said...

I think it's amazing. It's not like it's hard. I don't understand why people would be upset about it.

Deanna said...

'Cuz it's takin' away our freedoms. ;)

Rosalyn said...

I went to their website. The key is they make it easy and profitable. If you reduce your "black" garbage (non-recyclables) garbage, pick up cost less! This is the incentive for most folks. Otherwise, it is simply picking a container and the less you put in the black container, the less it cost! They even provide (for free) an inside compost container, and much to MY surprise, even meats and other items that used to be "no-no" for composting, is allowed. So, how hard is it to pick a container and put your trash in the proper container! I would be THRILLED if we had that here!!

Deanna said...

Roz, I applaud you for actually checking into the details of this plan. I read a lot of the comments on the article I linked and was astounded at the number who simply dismissed the idea out of hand and obviously had not watched the video (admittedly quite long) nor taken the time to check their facts.

They just immediately took the attitude, "no one's going to tell me what to do!". And how this is a freedom issue, as so many of them claimed, is simply beyond me.

There were some valid concerns for people living in apartment complexes which I agree will need to be addressed. But the mayor mentions that in his speech and says there will need to be some "tweaking" of this new plan as it is implemented.

Overall, I think it is an amazing plan and like you, wish we had the same here.