Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Concert to Remember...

On May 27th, David, Chris, a friend and I drove to Kansas City to attend a Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction concert. It was truly amazing! The concert took place at the Kansas City zoo amphitheater. The previous NIN concerts we had attended had both taken place in indoor arenas but I really think there is something special about an outdoor venue, especially in an amphitheater. The crowd seems more connected and in tune with one another.

We left warm weather in Oklahoma only to discover cooler temperatures and the threat of rain in Kansas City. Chris was smart enough to have brought a hoodie with him but his parents? Not so much. It was in the low 60s and I was in a long skirt and sleeveless top. It worked out perfectly, though. David bought me a NIN hoodie before the concert so I was very comfortable and now have a rather cool addition to my wardrobe. It did mist lightly during one song but otherwise the rain held off and the weather ended up being perfect.

The seats were very comfortable, with plenty of leg room and even cup holders for our beer (the guys) and margaritas (Karah and me). The truly amazing thing about this venue, though, was the women's restrooms. There must have been 50 stalls! We never had to wait. I don't know if the men's restrooms had fewer *facilities* or if it was simply due to the much larger number of men at the concert but I had to laugh when I saw the very long line outside the men's restrooms. I think it's high time men got a taste of what women usually have to deal with. And speaking of "high time"...well, let's just say there were quite a few around us who I suspect had a major case of the munchies by the end of the concert. I don't even really care for hot dogs all that much but if we had seen a place to get one on our way back to the hotel, we would have stopped. We made do with bags of chips from the hotel's meager offering of late night food options. I'm pretty certain I've never eaten that many Doritos in one sitting.

We had the time of our lives and are so very sad that this is NIN's final tour. David and I decided that if we win the lottery we are going to follow them around the world for the rest of this tour. Locations include Milan, Paris and Amsterdam (and many others). Would that be cool, or what?

Unfortunately I don't have any photos as we had been told no cameras were allowed (turned out not to be true). I think David took a couple with his phone so I'll see if I can add those later. Here are some videos we found on YouTube taken at the concert. Enjoy!


The Hand That Feeds and Head Like a Hole:


Jane's Addiction compilation:

Edited to add:
A reader of this post pointed out that the venue where we watched the concert is the Starlight Theatre. The theatre is located in Swope Park which includes, among other things, two golf courses, a swimming pool, baseball diamonds, soccer fields, and the Kansas City Zoo. So while I thought the theatre was part of the zoo, it is apparently a separate entity. In any case, it's a very cool venue and was the perfect location for the concert.


Orangesleeves said...

Starlight Theater

Deanna said...

Thanks for the clarification. I edited the post to correct this.