Sunday, June 28, 2009

So God Walks Into a Bar...

I just discovered a new blog I really think I'll enjoy and the author had posted the following joke. After you get a good laugh out of it, go check out Peak Oil Hausfrau.

God gets back from vacation and He sees that the Earth is in trouble. Forests are burning, animals are going extinct, and the oceans are covered in trash. The temperature is rising, the topsoil is being washed away and humans are poisoning the world with chemicals. Everything seems to be going to pot. God wonders what happened in the last hundred years while He was in the Omega quadrant, so He decides to go down to the Earth in disguise and find out what went wrong.

God walks into a bar and sees a scientist, an economist, and an evangelical Christian. He buys them a few rounds of drinks and then asks the scientist, "Why aren't humans taking care of the Earth?"

Scientist answers, "Well, you see, very soon we are going to start colonizing space and so we won't need this old planet any more."

God thinks, "What a crock!" but decides not to argue since He is just down on the planet doing research. So He asks the economist, "Why do you think you aren't taking care of the planet?"

Economist answers, "Well, you see, taking care of the planet is not our first priority. We need to grow the economy enough so that everyone is rich and then it won't matter what shape the planet is in."

God thinks this is an even bigger crock but holds his peace since there is no point in arguing with morons. So He asks the evangelical Christian, "Surely you want to take care of this beautiful planet God created?"

Evangelical Christian says, "Well, you see, very soon Jesus is returning and taking all the good Christians up to heaven, so we don't care what happens down here."

At this, God can't hold his temper and He exclaims, "Are you kidding? I've seen how you trash YOUR home. There's no WAY you're moving in with ME!"

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