Sunday, June 7, 2009

Update on "Crying Wolf"

San Diego County's Chief Administrative Officer has written a letter of apology to Pastor David Jones. It reads, in part:

I want to reassure you that this matter, however perceived by you or by others, was in fact a land use matter stemming from a complaint. It was in no way an attempt by San Diego County to infringe upon your religious freedoms. If you knew me personally and were familiar with my background, I think you would be satisfied that as the Chief Executive of San Diego County government, I would never condone a deliberate attack on religious activity. Indeed, it is important for me to communicate very clearly and definitively that the County government does not condone and will never condone discrimination under any circumstances on the basis of one's religious beliefs. To do so would not only violate the law, but would violate a principle that I personally treasure.

You can read the entire letter here.

1 comment:

sharon said...

And yet, I got an email today blaming this on Obama and saying he is making it illegal to be a Christian.

hhmmm, who to believe? hehehe