Friday, July 10, 2009

More on "The Picture"...

As of this post, the Drudge Report still has this photo at the top of its page with the title "Second Stimulus Package".

The Conservative Post has the photo on its main page and makes a very nasty reference to Michelle Obama.

Sean Hannity's web page features a poll about the photo with the following results:

What do you think about the picture
Oh yeah, he's checking her out
I agree with Tapper, he was looking down at the step
Not sure...

Which also serves to illustrate the type of readers he has.

The Examiner from Oklahoma perpetuates the lie here.

Free Republic does it, too.

However, to give credit where credit is due:

Michelle Malkin actually addresses the issue and points out the silliness of it.


sharon said...

thanks for telling me about the poll.
I voted. Too bad only Hannity fans see that poll.

Suburban Turmoil said...

This is so irritating. Even if Obama did look at her, it was obviously only a passing, unconscious glance. My eye is always drawn to attractive people, male or female. If my husband jumped on me every time I noticed someone attractive and then looked away, I'd be in big trouble.

Now the French president, on the other hand, was TOTALLY OGLING her. Let's all talk about THAT!

Deanna said...

Sharon: I'm not even certain what the point of having polls on the Hannity site would be.

Lindsay: It's further evidence that we don't even know what news is anymore. And I'll bet the French are totally perplexed by the furor this has engendered here. ;)

Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoy reading yours and seeing pictures of your incredibly adorable children. Punky looks a lot like a little girl I babysat when I was a teenager.