Friday, July 10, 2009

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words?...

Uh, oh. This photo of President Obama at the recent G-8 summit appears to show him looking at something he shouldn't be.

And Fox News has a heyday with it:

The trouble is, they are lying again. Fortunately, Greta Van Susteren still has a modicum of journalistic integrity:


Carma said...

WOW. They really stained out a gnat to capture that still, didn't they? I had to watch the video 10 times to even see where they caught it because it doesn't look like his eyes go there at all, does it?

Deanna said...

One of the videos I saw actually starts a few seconds earlier and you can see him looking back and forth at the step which is a fairly big drop. It looks like he was being especially cautious. We've all seen various presidents trip and it makes the news big time. In this case, I'll bet he would have preferred a photograph of him tripping. ;)