Friday, September 11, 2009

"It's not the Jerry Springer Show!"

Craig Ferguson chastises Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina for his appalling manners during President Obama's speech to the joint houses of Congress:

I was horrified when I heard the outburst. And then there were the representatives with their homemade signs, and Congressman Eric Cantor, G.O.P. Minority Whip, texting. Really. It was like watching a bunch of third graders.

What ever happened to good manners and decorum? I'll bet the students at Wakefield school were told how to behave properly before President Obama delivered his speech there on Tuesday. Who would have thought that sort of instruction would be necessary for Congress? A friend of mine, who happens to be rather hilarious, posted the following status update on Facebook before President Obama's health care speech:

(Friend's name)expects you all to behave appropriately while the President is speaking. Now, I realize I didn't say anything to the children before their speech, but I felt it unnecessary at the time. You adults, on the other hand, have been acting rather childish of late so I felt a preemptive approach was needed in this case. So, put on your listening hats, hear what the President has to say, and, above all, act appropriately.

Little did he know how necessary this admonishment would turn out to be. One of my brothers said that he had gathered his children to watch the speech, explaining how rare and historic it was for a president to speak to a joint session of Congress. They were then treated to "the most disrespectful display" he had seen in his lifetime.

I can't say for certain what is behind the lack of civility we are witnessing lately, although I have some suspicions. However, I'm sick of it. I'm not sure what can be done to turn things around but if Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh would shut up, that would help.



sharon said...

thanks for a great post Deanna. Also, thank you for the link to the skeeter bite article. It was well written and thought out. It's sad, but I believe,very true. I hope a lot of your friends read it.

Lisa Sharp said...

Did you see he has made money for his campaign because of this! The other guy running against him got more though haha.

Also today at the tea party crap we went to one of the guys running and the people there applauded it!

Judd said...

Who wants to bet me Inhofe will be making fart noises when the State of the Union rolls around?

Deanna said...

It just angers me to no end that people actually think this was okay! Yes, people on the left were disrespectful to Bush but not during a speech to the joint sessions of Congress, for heaven's sake! There is a time and a place for speaking one's mind but shouting at the president in a forum like that is simply outrageous. I'd have said the same thing if it had been done to Bush in that setting. Come on, folks. Let's act like adults.