Wednesday, September 2, 2009

With pastors like this one, we don't need paid assassins...

Remember the story about a man, Chris Broughton, who showed up at an Obama rally in Arizona with an assault rifle? If that wasn't scary enough on its own, here is the sermon he listened to from his pastor less than 24 hours prior:

Chris Broughton was interviewed by the ABC 15 news station in Tempe. When asked if he agreed with his pastor he said:

I concur. I wish...I think our country would be a lot better off if God would send this man where he's going now instead of later.

The reporter then said, "You're not advocating violence against the President?"

Broughton's reply?:

I'm not going to answer that question directly. I don't care how God does it. I just pray that He does. And I'm not really going to go any further into it than that. I just ... uh... It would be better now than later.

If you have the stomach for it, check out the other sermons by this *man of God*. And then pray for the safety of our President. He's going to need those prayers.



Cherie said...

I guess this guy missed the part where Jesus said to love your enemies...and being a Christian means you are a Christ-follower, not an adherent of the Old Testament.

Lisa Sharp said...

I really worry one of these nut jobs is going to try and kill Obama. You are right we should be praying for his safety!

I also agree with Cherie!