Sunday, October 4, 2009

Would Jesus be a Capitalist?...

Back in June I wrote a post titled, "Was Jesus a Socialist?" which struck a chord with some and set off a bit of a firestorm with others. I finally did something I had not done before, nor have I done since - I closed the comments. It was getting heated and it looked like feelings might get hurt. I know I'm taking the same risk bringing this up again but I'm trusting my readers to state their opinions without attacking anyone else's beliefs or morals. Y'all can do that, right? Right? Beuller? Okay, here goes.

So, this morning I'm reading the newsfeed on Facebook and saw an article posted with the title, "For Those of You on Your Way to Church This Morning...a note from Michael Moore". I wasn't on my way to church due to the fact that H1N1 flu has hit our area, probably including our choir director who teaches in a local school system which actually had to close because of this last week. Since choir was canceled for this Sunday I decided it might be best not to risk exposure (H1N1 + severe asthma = not good.). So, I was curious about what Michael Moore, of all people, might have to say to those who were going to church today.

First, I'd like to say that I do understand that Michael Moore is a pretty controversial character and I can't say I'm a big fan. However, sometimes he has something of value to say so it's worthwhile to set aside one's opinions and actually listen. Or in this case, read. So, before we go any further click on the link in the previous paragraph and read the note he posted this morning. Go on. I'll wait. (cue music)

What did you think? I'm asking that of the people who followed directions and read it. ;) First of all, I was a bit surprised to read that he's a Christian. I hadn't given it much thought but if asked I think I might have placed him in Bill Maher's camp (who, btw, does not consider himself to be an atheist, despite what some may think). Which goes to show that we should try not to make assumptions like that, although we all do it from time to time.

One of my favorite sentences in the note is:

"He (Jesus) said that if you failed to house the homeless and feed the hungry, you'd have a hard time finding the pin code to the pearly gates."

He then goes on to discuss greedy Wall Street bankers and shares the startling (and appalling, and immoral) little tidbit that Goldman Sachs got away with a 1% tax rate last year. What the hell? Sorry, but that sort of thing sends me over the edge. Why do we allow that? Why aren't Christians organizing protests, carrying signs (hopefully spelled correctly), and demanding that those with the most in this country pay their share of the tax burden? Oh, that's right. Because we are more concerned about "preserving the sanctity of marriage" and "keeping government out of health care" and "all that other stuff".



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sharon said...

As a Bible reading and believing Christian, I still have a hard time believing that questions need to be asked. It's like you are asking, "should we do what Jesus taught us, or not?"

I'm not picking on you Deanna, or on Michael Moore. I am picking on the "Christians" who have mangled God's word to mean the opposite of what he said.

We are blessed that we might bless.

Peace, feed the poor.


Deanna said...

I received the following comment privately because Mary couldn't get the verification to work. She gave me permission to cut and paste it here:

Dear Deanna,
It is a very interesting article and I agree with just about all that he and you said. I am currently reading a book where the author maintains that if Islamic States followed the financial directions of the Qur'an and Islam then there wouldn't be any poor people anywhere. Surely the same can be said of Christian nations too. The truth is we have all lost our way and are more concerned with personal wealth and materialism than our fellow man.

One of the UK's most imminent artists is in the news today, saying she will leave the UK as the government is bringing in 50% tax for the richest people. Those earning over £150,000 a year. After all taxes it is likely she will pay 65p of every pound to the government. (65%) I wonder why she considers that her God given talent should be paid any better than the person who sweeps the streets for a living and which they do to their very best ability? How does she think they survive?

So your blog has really touched a chord with me Deanna. Especially when people are dying of hunger in Africa through global warming created by wealthy nations and also where people are struggling in our own back yard and no-one cares.

Love Mary

sharon said...

the following sentence:
I still have a hard time believing that questions need to be asked.

should read this way:

I still have a hard time believing that this question needs to be asked.

Thank you for your patience!

Oh, also. When I think about Jesus saying "The Law tells you this.... but I say...." and the times he breaks the Law and explains why,
Leaves me to think that His words weigh a lot more than other parts of the Bible. And, while I think familiarity with all parts of the Bible is beneficial, Jesus' words are my guide to live by.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought and I'm not saying I could even be this good but if you gave everything you made above the poverty level away to charity you would not pay anything to the government. You could chose what things you wanted to support. If every Christian did this the government would have to shrink. We would not need it if we took care of each other. Dave

@}-,'--- said...

Good one Dave.

Thing is, those people don't want to live at the poverty level. They want to talk and talk and talk and maybe give enough to lower their bracket at tax time and so they can sleep at night. But they be sleeping in their nice cozy beds while those actually at the poverty level are hoping that they can pay their power bill so they don't have to go one day cold.

If we all stopped watching movies and shopping at certain places. If we all really showed the people that we've had enough. Maybe some things would start to change. Those super rich had to step over a lot of people to make that kind of money. They would have nothing if we all stopped giving what we have to them, directly or indirectly.