Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You mean this wasn't a terrible idea?

Back in June I wrote about San Francisco's new composting law which was causing a bit of an uproar. Mind you, most of the outrage wasn't coming from the fine citizens of San Francisco. Rather, people from all over the country were bemoaning yet another attack on individual freedom. Some seem to believe that the right to trash the planet can be found somewhere in the Constitution or Bill of Rights. And of course, the Bible clearly states that we are to have dominion over the earth which means it's perfectly okay, nay, even advisable to gobble up resources. And since Jesus is coming soon, there is simply no need to worry our pretty little heads about pollution or climate change.

San Francisco's composting law goes into effect today but a lot of people didn't wait to get on board.

Jared Blumenfeld, the city's environmental officer, says the Organic Annex is already processing about half of the city's food waste, which is more than 500 tons per day.

It turns out that people are already figuring out that it can save them money. An apartment complex manager has found that they were able to cut their garbage collection in half and that their trash room no longer stinks.

Like any other change, there will be a period of adjustment but it won't be long before sorting out food waste from other trash will be second nature. And what a difference it will make. San Francisco currently keeps 72% of its garbage out of landfills via recycling. Their goal is to have NO garbage going into landfills by 2020. That's a pretty lofty goal and it remains to be seen whether that can be accomplished but without a doubt, they will come a lot closer than cities which don't even try.

You can read more about this here on NPR.



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Shocking! I hope other cities will learn from San Fran!

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