Thursday, January 14, 2010

I suppose this shouldn't surprise me...

My heart is simply breaking for the people of Haiti following the massive earthquake which has virtually destroyed this poverty-stricken country. I haven't even been able to bring myself to watch news or video clips because it is so upsetting. This is the sort of tragedy which should bring all caring, decent people together in the effort to offer aide to those who are suffering. In many cases, that's what is happening.

However, we also have mind-boggling stupidity like this:

Really, Pat? At a time when untold thousands are are dead or injured you're going to use the opportunity to claim that this natural disaster is the result of God's retribution for something someone allegedly did over 200 years ago? Do you honestly believe that Haiti's problems would be solved if there was "a great turning to God"? This country in which 95% identify themselves as Christian?

If this were an isolated incident it would be bad enough but it's not:

The turning point for me in which I began to seriously question religious and political leaders, as well as many previously held notions of morality was Hurricane Katrina. If you want to infuriate me, just hint that you believe those "sinful people" of New Orleans got what they deserved.

I'm sick and tired of people using tragedies to promote their narrow-minded, judgmental views. And this is supposed to bring people to Christ? When I see those folks with their signs on Bourbon Street telling people they are going to hell, I have to wonder if they honestly believe that is an effective witness. Whatever happened to showing others the love of Christ?



mommy22ss said...

I hear ya Deanna! I've been saying this very thing for years. What I got from Jesus' teachings was that we are to love everyone no matter what. That we are to be kind no matter what. I've often wondered how some people can call themselves Christians when they do nothing but so hatred.

Once again, it's like you are typing what I am thinking!! How do you do that?

little castle said...

This kind of stuff has my heart aching. I couldn't watch past the "blessing in disguise". =(

Christi said...

Doesn't this just make you crazy! Here's these supposed "men of god" and should be showing compassion for the devastated people who've made it through this natural disaster and yet they simply spew BS and talk of pacts with the devil.

Don't be fooled by people like Pat Robertson, just because he has a TV show and supposedly speaks for god.

Real people have real compassion for real brothers and sisters who are really suffering.