Monday, February 15, 2010

"It's a major award!"

This blog post title won't mean anything unless you are familiar with "A Christmas Story". If you haven't ever watched that movie, I highly recommend it.

I've been given two blog awards recently for which I'm very appreciative. Thank you both!

The first is the Kreativ Blogger award from the Farmer's Daughter.

I'm supposed to list seven things you don't know about me. The trouble is, I've done similar lists in the past so the only things left to tell are things I'm not sharing. ;)

The second award is the Sunshine Award from Living Green in a Colorful World.

I'm supposed to pass this along to twelve bloggers. I'm going to make up my own rules here and offer these awards to all of my readers. If you would like to accept either or both of these, simply place the logo on your blog, mention it in a blog post and link back to my blog. After you've done these things, leave me a comment with a link to your blog. I'll then visit each of your blogs, leave a comment and then do a blog post listing those who accepted. It's a good way for me to perhaps meet some new-to-me bloggers, as well as drive a bit of traffic your way.

And be sure to check out Farmer's Daughter and Living Green in a Colorful World. Tell 'em I sent you. :)


1 comment:

Christi said...

Cool! I like your rules. A great way to meet some more bloggers and spread the sunshine :0)