Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sharing Stuff Saturday

I keep finding really interesting articles and blog posts that I want to share with my readers. I save the links in my email inbox and have every intention of writing a blog post about these topics and sharing the links. The trouble is that I end up with more than I have time to write about. In a valiant effort to clean out my inbox, I've decided to just share a short blurb followed by the link. I've narrowed these down to the most interesting and thought-provoking of the bunch so I encourage you to take a look at each one.
  • Go to a Christian's house. Drink a can of coke and then say, "I don't want to throw this away, where is your recycling?" A bit of tension might occur. If you detect some frostiness - or the opposite reaction, a casual "Oh, we don't recycle, there's the trash" - you may be in the presence of Christian culture.
American Evangelicals aren't the most ardent environmentalists. @

  • Sarah Palin will never again run for political office if, that is, she really believes the born-again fundamentalist views about women that her church promotes.
Judging By Her Own Theology Sarah Palin is Disobeying the Bible. @ HuffingtonPost

  • When it comes to climate change, some look at the facts presented and see a coming catastrophe, others see a hoax. This difference in interpretation, social scientists say, has more to do with each individual's existing outlook than the facts
Belief in Climate Change Hinges on World View. @ NPR

  • If you allow anger and fear to dominate, you will lose the neurological ability to think logically and act compassionately toward others. In fact, it is nearly impossible to find peace and serenity if your mind is preoccupied by negative, anxious, or hateful thoughts.
What Fundamentalism Does To Your Brain @ Mercy Not Sacrifice

  • Timothy Leary came up with the phrase “Turn on, tune in, drop out” in the sixties, and it became a common slogan. I think today we might want to turn that on its head. Instead, we need to “Tune out, turn off, and get involved.”
Sixties Values @ Modern Hippie Magazine

  • In some media reports the impression has been given that even the fundamental results of climate change science are now in question, such as whether humans are in fact changing the climate, causing glacier melt, sea level rise and so on.
IPCC Errors: Facts and Spin @ Real Climate


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