Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Page!

I frequently run across well-written, thought-provoking articles or blog posts of a political nature but don't always have time to write a blog post about them. I've been sharing some of them on Facebook but I thought I would designate a page on The Well-Groomed Hippie for some of the best. If you look above under the header you will see several page headings, including Political Articles. If you click on that one, it will take you to a page where I will link current political articles of interest. Sometimes I'll include a little blurb from the article or a brief comment. Most of the time it will just be a link to the article or blog post itself.

I will keep them there as long as they are timely and pertinent. If you'd like to discuss one of them, email me and I'll put the article in a blog post and open it up for comments. As always, I'm open to differing viewpoints as long as you can express yourself politely, logically, and without resorting to Tea Party slogans.

I just put the first article up and it's worth your time to read. The article is "Damn you Muslims, get off my lawn", written by Mark Morford. 

Brief  excerpt from article:
"The sentiment has since grown in fits and farts and boozy burps, fanned by Rush Limbaugh's moron Dittoheads, Glenn Beck's gullible simpletons, and of course, the Tea Party, perhaps the first significant political movement entirely dependent on our failing educational system to survive. Truly, the Tea Party might just be the dumbest gaggle of humans ever to rally around a nonsensical, as-yet-unstated worldview no one can quite spell out. Because they have no clue what the hell it is."

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