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Today is 10-10-10.  In addition to being one of those cool number things and a big sale day for some businesses, it is also a day set aside to bring attention to global climate change.  There are activities planned in many communities but even if there's nothing going on in yours, you can still do something on your own.  And certainly, today isn't the only day we should devote to this pursuit.

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There's been some recent controversy about a promotional video put out by the 10:10 organization.  It was in very poor taste and in fact, when I first saw it I thought it must have been produced by an anti-environmental group trying to make "greenies" look ridiculous.  Fortunately it was quickly withdrawn and an apology issued. Many organizations and sponsors, including, severed relationships with 10:10.  We've got to be more careful about how we promote our message.  This issue is way too important and we've got to make sure we don't shoot ourselves in the foot with careless, insensitive or over-the-top rhetoric.  It's vital that we consider our audience and how they will perceive the message.

Despite this recent faux pas, the 10:10 concept is a good one.  It is a campaign calling for a 10% reduction in carbon emissions in 2010.  Obviously this has been underway for months since it is now October, but it's never too late for individuals to begin making an effort to reduce our environmental impact, or step up our current efforts.  For instance, with cooler weather arriving for most of my readers, now is a good time to consider whether  your home could use more weather stripping.  One thing I'm going to be doing is keeping our thermostat set a bit cooler and use a small space heater near my desk when I'm on the computer.  An extra blanket on the bed and wearing a sweater in the house are simple things we all can do which will allow us to use just a bit less energy to heat our homes.  You see, even small changes are important and they add up.  Besides, who wouldn't want a lower heating bill?

So, I encourage you to give a little thought to what you might do to reduce your environmental impact.  If all this is new to you, start small.  As Ed Begley, Jr. says, "pick the low-hanging fruit".  Get a couple of reusable bags and start using them at the grocery store.  Consider replacing burned out bulbs with CFL bulbs where appropriate.  Group errands and decrease driving a bit.  Buy a BPA-free reusable water bottle and kick the bottled water habit.  And since October is Fair Trade Month, I challenge you to search out one Fair Trade certified item to purchase this month (bonus points if it's something like sugar or coffee which you will then buy on an on-going basis!).

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