Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oklahoma Politics...

Update: Here is a bit more on the situation:
Republican Sen. Tom Coburn Blocks Aid to Haiti

I like Oklahoma.  Really, I do.  I just wish we didn't have so many embarrassing politicians.

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Cherie said...

Oh, boy, do I have mixed feelings about this one. As you know, my heart is with the Haitian people. It's unbelievable how so much money was pledged to help the Haitians and yet they are still living in tent cities, slogging through the mud during this rainy season. But I'm also fiscally conservative and hate to think that the government is using this opportunity to create more bureaucracy. I wish this issue could be solved without hurting the people who so desperately need the money for food, housing, and medical care. Why does humanitarian aid have to become so political?

Deanna said...

I know how you feel about Haiti so I'm glad you responded. A million dollars a year for 5 years does sound like a lot but on the other hand, it's teeny tiny percentage of the overall aid package. I added the link to an article with a bit more information if you'd like to take a look at it. The author makes the point that despite Coburn's position that we already have an ambassador to Haiti, is that person really qualified to oversee $1.15 billion and the reconstruction of a country?

I just hope this can be settled quickly because people are in desperate need of our help.