Thursday, January 13, 2011

A somber moment with Jon

In case you missed it, here is Jon Stewart's monologue in which he discusses the Arizona shootings.  The conservative magazine Townhall named him the 28th most dangerous liberal in the country.  I consider him one of the best political pundits, despite the fact he considers himself a comedian.  This monologue was a rare departure from his usual humorous approach.  The fact that he pulls it off with such obvious sincerity is evidence that he is far more than a comedian. 

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Arizona Shootings Reaction

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Miz said...

This is something I'd really like to see, but sadly, it won't show outside the US. Off to youtube I go!

And, before I even see it, I agree with you - Jon Stewart is an amazingly gifted political pundit, I always catch his show on More4 over here :)

Miz said...

No such luck as yet, I'll check again tomorrow... I did find a bizarre but oddly accurate Chinese sims-like video on the dreaded WBC. I've put it on my facebook, if you want a look!

Deanna said...

I just checked YouTube again to see if they had this monologue. There is a very poor quality version but I'm hoping someone will put up a better one. I'll keep checking and when they do I'll replace the one in this post. I went and watched the Chinese video. Yes, rather bizarre. Those WBC folks are horrible.