Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thoughts on the State of the Union Address

Did you watch the State of the Union Address last night?  If you missed it, here it is in its entirety:

Overall, I think President Obama did a good job.  I was disappointed but not surprised that he made so many concessions to the Republican agenda but despite what the talking heads of the right wing would have you believe, Obama is not very far left of center.  I did like the way he challenged the American people to consider this our "Sputnik moment".  His speech was forward-looking and inspirational as he reminded us of our strengths as a nation and encouraged us to embrace the future.  He laid out numerous specific plans and goals while seeking to find common ground between the two parties.  I also found it very interesting to watch how different the response was in light of the fact that a number of members of Congress chose to sit with members of the opposite party rather than the traditional, divided seating.  The responses were perhaps a bit more subdued yet seemed more genuine than in the past where each side applauded and stood in unison in a sort of see-saw motion.

Here is the Republican response given by Rep. Paul Ryan:

Not bad.  His tone was reasonable and I thought it started out well.  On the other hand, some of what he claims simply isn't true.

 And then there's this:

The very fact that she took it upon herself to give another response to the SOTU address is astounding.  That CNN would air it has me shaking my head.  And all that's even before you consider the lies and distortions.  The Republican Party would do well to distance themselves from the Tea Party quickly because some of their self-appointed spokespeople are *this close* to directing traffic in their night clothes. 

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sharon said...

thanks Deanna. I really don't get Michelle Bachmann's influence. I'm sure that CNN gave into her in an effort to show that they aren't the "Lame stream media" Sarah Palin always calls them.

I'm continually shocked be Bachmann's overt disrespect and loathing of well over half of her fellow Americans including her own party and even many in the Tea Party. Who does she think will elect her for President? I hope she decided not to run for her congressional seat so she can campaign for president... maybe we could be done with her.

Minnesota is such a mixed bag, how do the same people who elected her also elect Al Franken?