Tuesday, March 1, 2011

30 Day Dance Challenge

One of the group pages I read on Facebook is The Healthy Hippie Magazine.   I noticed a couple of days ago that they mentioned a 30 day dance challenge which began today.  You can go to the link and sign up to have each day's dance delivered to your inbox...OR...you can check in at The Well-Groomed Hippie every day and we can dance together. 

Here is the first dance:

I'm not much of a dancer and I'm terribly out of shape but that was FUN!  Check it out.  Dance.  And then join me again tomorrow. 

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Karyn said...

Thanks for posting this, Deanna. I'm also out of shape and I tried this and I agree with you- it was fun! I think it's going to be a nice addition to my morning routine this month.