Sunday, May 1, 2011

Born in the U.S.A.!

Our president never should have had to do this:

I'm convinced that if he'd been a white guy named Bob Smith his birth place would never have been in question.  Just a few facts, folks:

1. The birth certificate that Obama produced in June of 2008 is precisely the sort that anyone born in Hawaii would be given if they requested a copy.  It is considered sufficient to prove citizenship "for all reasonable purposes."
2. No, it is not a fake or forgery.
3. For whatever reason, President Obama obtained a waiver in order to obtain his so-called "long form" birth certificate.
4. This should put the issue to rest.
5. It won't for the crazy, racist, ignorant born-again birther crowd.

Here is Jon Stewart's take on the issue:

Here is President Obama himself taking Trump, King of the Birthers to task:

And here, my friends, is a hilarious example of someone pulling one over on "The Donald". 

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