Monday, August 15, 2011

Music Monday ~ Namo Amituofo

I've been searching out some music to use during meditation and yoga. I tend to be wound a little too tightly at times and am hopeful that I can learn to dial that down a notch or two. I have a Facebook friend who often mentions some of the peaceful/meditation/zen music she is listening to so I asked her for some recommendations. She gave me several good suggestions. Her adorable little granddaughter happened to be there and asked what she was doing. My friend explained and this little sweetheart said she *had* to tell me about her favorite song. Apparently this little three year old will listen to this one over and over:

I understand why. I couldn't find the song on Spotify, where I am making my meditation playlist, and mentioned that to my friend. Her little granddaughter said that she would make one for me and have a fairy send it to me. Thanks Mei-Ling!

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