Sunday, September 25, 2011

We are called

This morning in church one of the hymns we sang really caught my attention and I thought I'd share the lyrics of the first verse with you.

Today We All Are Called to Be Disciples

Today we are all called to be Disciples of the Lord,
To help to set the captive free,
Make plowshare out of sword,
To feed the hungry, quench their thirst,
Make love and peace our fast,
To serve the poor and  homeless first,
Our ease and comfort last. 

All too often, this isn't what the world sees when they look at those of us who call ourselves Christians.  A lot of disparaging things are being said these days about "social justice Christians" by some of our fellow Christians of a more conservative persuasion. Yet I cannot see how a close reading of Christ's words would yield anything else.


Cherie said...

So true, Deanna. I often wonder whether those Christians actually read the Bible. But it is encouraging to know that the majority of younger Christians are "social justice Christians."

Deanna said...

I do hope that's true. Perhaps the next generation will do better than we have.