Saturday, October 22, 2011

Global warming skeptics get BURRRNED!

You know how the global warming skeptics say that the data is distorted? That thousands of climate scientists are "just too (expletive) stupid or careless or dishonest — or involved in some shadowy cabal — to realize or admit a bunch of their thermometers are located too close to urban heat sources and are thus getting erroneously high readings (It goes without saying that the converse possibility, that some detectors are affected by cooling, is never mentioned)."?

The Berkeley Earth Project was formed to resolve that criticism by the use of independent data collected from over 39,000 unique stations, more than 5 times the 7,280 used by the Global Historical Climatology Network data set which served as the focus of many climate studies. They aim to be independent, replicable and inclusive.

Well, guess what?
After collecting and crunching the data, the study got results statistically identical with those produced at NOAA, NASA, CRU, and a bunch of other organizations, as shown in the graph at the top of this post. The beautiful part is the study was largely funded by the kind of money — including Koch money — usually intended to buy much more friendly results.
Now obviously, this won't stop the deniers. They'll just shift all their focus to claims that even IF the earth is warming, humans have nothing to do with it. Or that it's too expensive (read: Might lessen corporate profits) to address. Or my personal favorite, that Jesus is coming back soon so why worry? But now they have one less weapon in their arsenal of denial.


Lisa Sharp said...

I keep thinking when time after time results prove climate change is real that the skeptics will stop denying it but they keep finding new ways to try and deny.

Deanna said...

It's because they have an agenda to adhere to rather than being interested in the truth.