Monday, October 17, 2011

Music Monday ~ Life is a Song (Patrick Park)

I love these lyrics. You can read them all here but this is my favorite part:

Oh, tell me what good is saying that you're free
In a dark and storming sea
You're chained to your history, you're surely sinking fast
You say that you know that the good Lord's in control
He's going to bless and keep your tired and oh, so restless soul
But at the end of the day when every price has been paid
You're going to rise and sit beside him on some old seat of gold
And won't you tell me why you live like you're afraid to die
You'll die like you're afraid to go. 
Oh, it's time to let go of everything we used to know
Ideas that strengthen who we've been
It's time to cut ties that won't ever free our minds
From chains and shackles that they're in
From the chains and shackles that they're in.

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