Monday, November 28, 2011

Music Monday ~ The Rebel Jesus (Jackson Browne)

Thanksgiving is past; bring on Christmas! Here is one of my favorite, albeit non-traditional, Christmas songs. Listen closely to the words:

We guard our world with locks and guns 
And we guard our fine possessions 
And once a year when Christmas comes 
We give to our relations 
And perhaps we give a little to the poor 
If the generosity should seize us 
But if any one of us should interfere 
In the business of why they are poor 
They get the same as the rebel Jesus 

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Storyteller27 said...

I first heard the Chieftains' version of this song about twenty years ago. At the time, being a VERY sheltered upper-middle class youth, I couldn't really grasp the meaning of the verse you printed here. It was, quite literally, beyond my comprehension. I, like most people raised in the upper classes in the West, thought that everyone in America shared the same outlook/values concerning money (i.e. mine) and that if they were poor, all it would take was effort and thrift to get themselves out of it. Hence, I literally could not understand this song's implications. I always liked it though, and it has always been a Christmas favorite.

Now that I'm older and have a bit more experience behind me, I can see exactly what this song/verse means...

And unfortunately, it's all too true.

Giving people what it would take for them not to be poor (not just material goods, but a change of values, attitude, mindset, and likely relationships) would cause an outcry from all classes, including the significant relations of those particular individuals we were trying to help (to wit: the poor themselves) which could conceivably result in the literal murder of those offering the aid.

Not a pretty picture.

Thanks for having the courage to make us think, especially those of us who name the name of Christ.