Friday, May 18, 2012

Cellar Door

Wednesday night we went to our favorite local dive bar to hear the first performance of Cellar Door, a local band fronted by our good friend, Aaron Oliver. They did a live recording of this performance for publicity purposes and all of us in attendance will receive a free demo CD. These pictures were taken with my old iPhone which doesn't have a flash (I am SO ready for an upgrade!) so they are pretty crappy. 

Here is our friend, Michael, announcing the group:
Michael West announcing Cellar Door

Mr. Aaron Oliver, himself:

Lindsey Shane on keyboard:

Aaron with Josh Buchanan on drums:


It was a fun way to spend a Wednesday night. Our delightful bartender/manager, Joy, even surprised me by having ordered Ketel One for the bar stock. Good friends, good music, good fun. We have such a great life.

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