Monday, June 25, 2012

Music Monday ~ "Let Me Be Him" by Hot Chip

Hot Chip are a "new-to-me" electronic music band from London. Generally speaking, electronic music isn't my thing but I like this. It has a warmer, less sterile sound. I've started making monthly playlists on Spotify in which I randomly collect and add songs I like throughout the month. Most of my other playlist have a theme or some common element but these monthly lists are simply a compilation of stuff I find or perhaps an old favorite that I just happen to feel like listening to. "Let Me Be Him" made my June Tunes list. If you have Spotify, take a look at my playlists and feel free to subscribe to any you like. If you have seen the movie, Rock of Ages, you might enjoy my playlist by that name.

Have a great week and keep on a'rockin!

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