Saturday, September 22, 2012

No more giraffes?


If you know me very well you probably know I have a thing for giraffes. Lots of people love elephants or dolphins or penguins or a number of other animals but for some reason, I just happen to love giraffes.

When I was a kid my mom bought a series of books for me that came in the mail periodically. They were the Step-Up Books and one of my favorites was Animals Do the Strangest Things. And guess what? I still have the books:


As a kid I'll have to say I was especially taken with the section on otters - so cute! - but the giraffes were pretty fascinating, too. And then as an adult I stumbled upon the book, "Raising Daisy Rothschild" at the library. I have no idea what I was looking for at the time but I checked this one out and read the most interesting true account of a couple raising rare Rothschild giraffes in Africa. I was totally captivated by the story and the pictures:


A number of years after I'd read it I happened to spot the book in our library book sale. Of course I snapped it up and I ended up reading it to Lisa as part of her homeschooling.

So the other day when I read this article:

Giraffes? Horses?? 20 Animals You Didn't Know Are Going Extinct

I was heartbroken - for all of the animals, of course, but especially for my beloved Rothschild giraffes. The thought of losing these amazing animals makes me incredibly sad and angry. We must start taking these sort of things seriously.

Watch this video and you'll know why these animals have captured my heart:


Here is the link to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation.

And here is a petition to save the giraffe:
Save The Giraffe From Extinction. TAKE ACTION!!!! Petition | GoPetition

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Lisa Sharp said...

The current rate of extinction is so sad. We are losing so many animals. :(