Monday, March 25, 2013

Music Monday ~ Demons (Imagine Dragons)

I only recently became aware of this group and haven't listened to much of their music yet. Perhaps they'll be like (I started to write a couple of bands but decided not to offend anyone this morning) and turn out to only have a couple of good songs. Or perhaps this song is on the radio constantly and it gets old. I don't listen to pop radio so that doesn't happen to me. However, as of this moment, I love this song:

I've been working on another Spotify playlist and I'm pretty pleased with it. David and I listened to it Saturday night during Earth Hour (my phone and Bose docking station were charged so we didn't need electricity) and David paid me quite the compliment. He said that perhaps our son, Chris, gets his playlist making ability from me. I don't know about that. Chris has taught me more about music than I ever thought I wanted to know. You should follow him on Spotify. Really. He's amazing and has a far more diverse selection of playlists. In any case, if you tend to like what I share here you might enjoy my latest playlist, "A little madness in the Spring":

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