Friday, March 15, 2013

New Feature - Friday B.S. Roundup

Do you ever get tired of seeing verifiably false memes making the rounds on Facebook? Or what about email forwards? I have been fighting the battle for truth, justice and the use of Snopes for years but it often seems hopeless. Everyone gets taken in once in awhile but it's the repeat offenders who baffle me.

I've pretty much given up sharing links to Snopes or FactCheck or any number of easily verifiable sources with a certain segment of my Facebook friends list. No matter how politely I do so, they tend to get defensive and say something like, "well, it SOUNDS like something he/she would say/do" or even more frustrating, "Snopes is a liberal site". I've determined that some folks are content to live in a world of misinformation as long as it fits their viewpoint. It's better for my blood pressure to simply hide them from my feed and just check in on them once in awhile.

I've decided to collect a few of the more egregious examples each week and share them here in a new feature I'm calling "Friday B.S. Roundup". I'll share what's being passed around and then provide information and links to the real story behind each. I'm encouraging the readers of my Well-Groomed Hippie Facebook page to share any they would like me to address, as well. I've had a hearty response to this already and in fact, I ended up with too many to share in a single post. I'm going to try to limit each post to just three examples of what's making the rounds. As I collected them this week I ended up with eight so I'm saving some for future posts. It would be great if I eventually end up with no material but I rather doubt that will happen. Still, perhaps I can gather a group of fellow avengers of the truth and together we can chip away at the massive monument to ignorance which has been erected and polished by the masses who don't want to "be dictated by fact-checkers". Feel free to share these Friday posts wherever you think they might do some good and if you have a suggestion for future posts, please let me know via comment (here or on the Facebook page) or email.

So here goes our first Roundup:

Gun rights enthusiasts are having a heyday over the fact that Gabby Giffords' husband purchased an AR-15 recently. Apparently they have missed the well-documented record of Gabby Giffords' support for the Second Amendment and find it difficult to understand how someone can, at the same time, support common sense restrictions and background checks. It's easier to just scream, "hypocrite!". Here is a link to Mark Kelly's explanation regarding his purchase:

Gabby Giffords' Husband Mark Kelly Tells Wolf Blitzer Why He bought an AR-15

And Gabby's explanation regarding pictures of her holding a gun which were dug up and are being shared in the conservative blogosphere as more *evidence* of her supposed hypocrisy:

Gabby's Facebook photo album

Next up: 

Yes, they are given by volunteers but the Secret Service says the tours cost $74,000 a week. Of course we hear nary a peep out of these folks over the fact that sequester cuts will affect housing and nutrition for hundreds of thousands of our nation's poor. It also amuses me that some think President Obama is sitting at his desk with a red pen personally going over the budget for every government agency and deciding what to cut.

And for the final entry in our bullshit of the week lineup, have you heard the one about how the dairy industry is going to be allowed to secretly dump Aspartame in our dairy products and there will be no way for consumers to know whether their glass of milk contains poison? This one was actually a bit more difficult to research because there were numerous sources making that claim or at least misrepresenting the facts. Here is an example from Mercola:

Big Dairy Petitions FDA to Allow Unlabeled Use of Aspartame in Dairy Products

While one might agree that Aspartame is a potentially dangerous substance and has no place in a child's glass of chocolate milk, the widespread notion that we won't be able to know if it's included in our dairy products is false. If approved, this petition would allow Aspartame to be used in dairy products without additional package labeling such as "reduced calorie" or "artificial sweetener". It would still be included in the ingredient list.

Aspartame in Milk: US consumer opposition based on "incorrect premise" - petitioners

That's it for this week's Roundup. Except for this:


Sabine of Suburbia said...

Loved this post so much I shared it on my FB page. Looking forward to more.

Deanna said...

If nothing else, it will help me refrain from posting snopes links on people's FB pages. No one seems to appreciate that.