Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Oklahoma gardening challenge

Winter has been reluctant to release its grasp and keeps slinking back under cover of darkness to remind us of its power and bad attitude. We'll have several glorious days and then another quick freeze or close to it. I truly thought it was over when I planted six tomato plants and some marigolds the other day:


But temperatures are going to dip into the low to mid 30s tonight and remain in the 40s tomorrow. What the heck?! This is May, for goodness sake. Guess I'd better drape something over my plants this evening. Fortunately I've only started on my garden. Here's a picture of the rest of that raised bed:

More weeding to do

It's hard to tell from the picture but I've still got nearly half of it left to weed and plant. And then there are two more raised beds plus some huge tubs. Over the next few weeks if you need me I'll either be out in the garden or trying to clean the dirt from my fingernails. 

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