Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday B.S. Roundup

It's been a busy several weeks, including two trips to California. Hopefully things are settling back into a routine of sorts and the B.S. Roundup will become weekly again. So pour yourself your beverage of choice and let's see what's been making the rounds.

1. The presidential pet flies on his own private aircraft:

This one is being shared widely, including by Glenn Beck. Refresh my memory but didn't he make a mute, tear-jerking apology for sharing this sort of crap? You can file this under "Regurgitated Rumors" - it just keeps coming up. And it's false every time.

Here's a short video which clarifies the story: No, Obama's Dog Didn't Get His Own Private Plane

And a few other sources:

Snopes: Dog Daze
Newsmax: Obama's Dog Flight Reminiscent of FDR's Fala Saga
FactCheck: Bo's Private Plane

The upshot is that the transportation of Bo isn't the reason for a second aircraft. The second plane transports several staffers and secret service members plus the family pet.

2. AT&T is now charging customers a wiretapping fee:

This one is so obviously fake that you'd think it wouldn't pick up much traction. Unfortunately this is just another example of people wanting to believe something so badly that all reason, common sense, and fact-checking abilities mysteriously disappear. No, AT&T is not charging customers a "lawful interception recovery fee". This is obviously photo shopped as explained here:

Snopes: Lawful Interception Recovery Fee

3. Live music requires permit from the Department of Homeland Security:

A bar owner in Muncie, Indiana has a dispute with local authorities over an entertainment permit and it becomes "Oh, my God! The government is shutting down live music!". Nah, nothing of the sort. The dispute involves the Indiana Department of Homeland Security's fire and building safety division, not the federal Department of Homeland Security. Whether the bar owner has a legitimate gripe regarding the implementation of an Indiana state law is up for debate but the story making the rounds on Facebook is nothing more than misinformed hyperbole.

Snopes: The Music Mandate

So go ahead and start a drum circle then go forth and share the truth!

~GTS: Google That Shit~

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