Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturday B.S. Roundup ~ February 15, 2014

1. Whitney Houston vs. Shirley Temple

I absolutely adore the old Shirley Temple movies and was saddened by her death this week. This meme making the rounds, however, is simply full of false. President Obama did not order flags lowered for Whitney Houston - Chris Christie (Republican governor of New Jersey) did for the state of New Jersey, her home state. It's true that President Obama didn't make any public mention of Shirley Temple Black following her death, but neither did he following Whitney Houston's death. Do we really need our president to comment on the death of every celebrity?

stupidbadmemes: Whitney Houston, We Have a Problem
Snopes: Shirley Temple Flag Flap

2. Olympic Rings Mishap

Okay, this one is almost too easy, although I must admit it doesn't sound all that outlandish. No, the man responsible for the failure of one of the Olympic rings to open during the opening ceremonies wasn't found dead. This one is the work of The Daily Currant, a satirical site. 


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