Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday B.S. Roundup - Temporarily on Hiatus


You may have noticed that I haven't done a B.S. Roundup post in quite awhile. There are a couple of reasons for that. First, I've been busy with the business David and I have recently started (more about that later). But more importantly, I made the decision to greatly decrease my intake of politics, news and negativity for Lent. I made a list of people and pages which are generally positive and have focused on reading those on Facebook rather than the general Newsfeed. It's been a much-needed respite and I'm not entirely certain I'm anywhere near ready to give it up.

Today someone posted a link to a false story on Facebook asking if this particular thing were still being done (it never was in the first place).  I normally ignore most of this stuff but since the person was actually asking if it were true I shared the Snopes link which debunked it. I should have known better. It wasn't long before someone trotted out the old "Snopes isn't reliable" canard. That's when I knew any further discussion would be a waste of my time.

Now I find myself rethinking this blog feature. It's been popular with my friends and followers who share my passion for truth but they aren't the ones who are spreading the false stories. And the ones who are often taken in by the lies and distortions of fact aren't likely to be reading The Well-Groomed Hippie in the first place. So I'm asking myself, "What's the point?". I'm preaching to the choir here, right?

I do occasionally see friends share these posts when they encounter one of the examples of b.s. I've covered here and that is gratifying. But I'm not sure how often they've managed to convince anyone of the truth. As hard as it is for me to understand, many people believe exactly what they want to believe, despite mountains of evidence to the contrary.

I don't know whether I'll continue Saturday B.S. Roundup posts in the future but for now I'm enjoying the vacation from craziness. Spring has arrived here on Apple Tree Farm and I'm loving the warm sunshine, chirping birds, blooming trees and wildflowers. After a long, dark, cold winter I need light and warmth and peace. Spending time writing posts about stupid stuff just doesn't seem right for now. Instead, I will be taking longer walks with Shiloh, planting flowers, listening to music and enjoying porch time. Springtime is too short to waste on anything less.

"Increase the peace." ~ James Rountree 

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