Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Soul ~ "Streets of Gold" (Robin and Linda Williams)

On my way home from church today I was listening to Prairie Home Companion on NPR as I often do. Robin and Linda Williams were guests on the show today and they sang this which Linda referred to as "the closest thing to a gospel song" they have ever written. I love the lyrics which I'll post below.

Streets of Gold
Robin & Linda Williams 
(The New Music Times/Southern Melody Pub. Co., BMI)

We all hope to acquire a little blessedness
We all aspire to the land of bliss
Trusting all answers to lie
Way out beyond the sky
Never thinking that you or I
Could ever have or hold
The keys that unlock the gates
To the streets of gold

Let love lead
Let your mercies unfold
Let your good deeds
Be your stronghold
Follow your heart
And listen to your soul
Then you will walk
Down the streets of gold

And as we strive to do what’s right
To bring our lives into the light
It’s the family of friends
On which we all depend
Those who trust and those who give
Will know the pleasures untold
You will find when you live
On the streets of gold


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