Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Coming Soon!

Yes, it's true. The B.S. Roundup will be returning! It's an election year and the fact-challenged posts are ramping up. Time for the Well-Groomed Hippie to sort through the b.s. (figuratively speaking!) and report the truth. 

Starting this coming Saturday I will once again begin posting a weekly fact-checking roundup. It's basically one-stop shopping for the truth. 

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Sweet Tea said...

Sounds good!
Love the name of your Blog!!
Do you have a particular bias in your politics?
Just wondered. I consider myself as a moderate
and vote different parties depending on the year
and the candidates. My husband? He doesn't
adhere to my "flip-flopping" method. ;-)

Deanna said...

I was raised in a Republican family and at one time my husband and I were co-chairs of our county Republican party. For a variety of reasons that all changed several years ago and now I'm an unapologetic progressive. I can respect other views when they are well-considered and having been on both sides of the aisle I feel I can understand a variety of viewpoints. Personally, I just found that the more I carefully considered things, especially from my faith and personal experiences, I could no longer align with the G.O.P.